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City of Dallas, Texas

We are soon reaching Dallas, town where John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president, was deadly shot.

Dallas, a pretty developed city in the petroleum and cotton industry, is full of suspended motorways and with inferno traffic.
Like in all America, here, no car no honey.

Also well known for Dallas series, J.R. Ewing, etc, you can visit the South Fork ranch, where actually were filmed most of the TV series.

At some point, I say: what if I go to a concert tonight?

We start searching on the web and we find Rival Sons have concerts tonight in the House of Blues starting at 8 p.m. Yey!

After more searching, we find that the band is in a great ascension. 1-2 songs were enough to make us go. We like rock & roll bands.

We stop in a parking lot, reach the place and buy tickets (1 piece $35), and we go in.

House of Blues is a pretty and cute club, great for a small concert. It was already hosting few people.

We are excited!

The event was opened by a very new band, London Souls, 2 talented young guys, voice, guitar and drums.

Derrick C. Brown a comedian, poet and storyteller, joined telling to the audiance great poems. Beautiful.

Is 10 p.m. and Rival Sons starts their concert.

For 2 hours we were electrified.

Few of their songs

Electric Man

Open My Eyes

Keep On Swinging


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