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New Orleans , city of jazz

New Orleans (La Nouvelle-Orléans), the city of Jazz music and the capital of Louissiana State, is one of the beauties of America. The city is splited in two sides: Old city and New city.

The new city hosts the futuristic buidlings and business areas while the Old City hosts the entire history of ex-French colonies.
You will find lots of French names like streets, districts and shops.

The French Quarter and the neighboring streets are the main attractions.
The moment you reach this area you teleport to the 18th century. Old buildings with French architecture start to surround you.

May 1st, 4 p.m.

We’re getting closer to New Orleans, we’re still about 30 miles away, but the grandiose entry on the Highway is already beginning to emerge.
It’s feel like listening Bon Jovi’s – Queen of New Orleans, and talk about True Detective series in Louissiana.
We’re looking for Jazz music stations, and we really find them quick.

New Orleans, the city that gave birth to Jazz, will charm you as soon as you come to visit it.

Situated in South America with a gulf of Mexico and crossed by the Mississippi River, the port city is divided into two areas: the newly developed area that includes everything new buildings, modern business and port, and the old region that contains all the classic of this deep city Influenced by French and Spanish cultures. Buildings, music, vibe and gastronomy are incredible.

I decided to visit New Orleans in my way to Dallas, Texas, and I somehow stayed close to the old center at Whitney Hotel. A little fancy hotel, a bit expensive, but with two more friends, was convenient for sharing.

Once accommodated, we did not hesitate to head to the French Quarter. Once with the evening, lights start to light up and people go out on the streets to enjoy the beauties of the city.

We’re colliding the French streets, Bourbon St, Decatur St, Royal St,  while Jazz singers make their appearance on the streets, getting ready for the evening. Soon we arrive in Jackson Square, a park in the middle of the market, and surrounded by old buildings.

The fortune teller ladies start to appear and charge $20 to “predict” your future. Unfortunately … we are not interested this time.

After a few hours walking on the streets, seeing the old architecture, listening jazz & blues, we decide to taste some of the traditional food: Po Boy Sandwiches, Boiled Srimps & Crabs.

We find a table in BB Kings Pub being impressed by the live blues coming from the scene. While we were sitting, immediately we found out that the band was of Benny Turner‘s, an American voice and quitar singer.
choose a red Columbia wine and enjoy blues music.
The food came, a baked beef toast with sandwich toast with fries and shrimp with a some of rice and spices.

Benny and the band are getting better and better and the audience is enchanted. Piano, guitar, drums and piano again. Incredible.

Close to midnight, the concert ends and we decide to take the way right to the hotel, but not without walking again on the beautiful streets.

The evening was amazing in an unimaginable way.

Jazz, blues, architecture, Benny Turner….New Orleans.

Next day we woke up early in the morning and went directly to the old city center in order to enjoy coffee at the Café du Monde, along with the traditional Beignets. Wonderful!

In the end we set the destination to Dallas and left.

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